Washington ~Instructor Led~ Continuing Education Broker and Managing Broker Course

Instructor led course, one on one with, C. MarLene McKinley, a predominant instructor with a proven successful record. MarLene contributes her students’ success rate to being well versed and experienced in “andragogy”, which is the art/science of teaching adults.
Once you finish the final exam on the Pre-Licensing portion, most schools will wave goodbye and wish you luck.  Not us, the course does not end until you pass the state exam.
“We Hold Your Hand Until You Pass any and all Exams” *
Ask yourself, “Do other schools offer all these benefits and will the school assist me in preparing for the any and all exam until I pass?”
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30-Hr. WA CE Package (with Ethics course)

 This complete 30-hour package meets all of the requirements for active Brokers and active Managing Brokers renewing after their first active renewal. The package includes the 3 required core hours & 27 hours of elective topics.

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Courses included in this package:

  • 2020-2021: Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate (3 core hours)
  • Current Issues: Cooperation, Negotiation, iBuyers, and Disaster Preparedness (3 elective hours)
  • Foundations of Real Estate Finance (6 elective hours)
  • Taxes and Real Estate: What You Need to Know (3 elective hours)
  • Second Home Ownership: Trends, Options, and Opportunities (3 elective hours)
  • Ethics at Work (3 elective hours)*
  • Property Inspection Issues (3 elective hours)
  • Hot Topics in Real Estate (3 elective hours)
  • Document Excellence for Smoother Transactions (3 elective hours)

*This course was designed by The CE Shop to meet the REALTOR® Code of Ethics Training Requirement. Please confirm that your local association, who administers the Code of Ethics training, will accept this course.

Washington Requirement Details for Real Estate Continuing Education

Renewal Date: Every two years

Hours required30 hours

Renewal for Brokers:

First active renewal

  • 30-hour Advanced Practices Course
  • 30-hour Real Estate Law Course
  • 27 hours of approved Continuing Education
  • 3-hour Core Course

Subsequent active renewals

  • At least 30 hours, including:
  • 3–hour Core Course
  • At least 27 hours other approved continuing education
  • At least 15 hours must be completed within 24 months of your renewal date.
  • You may also use up to 15 hours of unused continuing education completed within 48 months of your renewal date.

Inactive renewals

  • No Continuing Education required to renew an inactive license.
  • If you want to activate your license, you may need to meet the education requirements for an active license.

Renewal for Managing Brokers:

  • At least 30 hours, including:
    • 3–hour Core Course
    • At least 27 hours other approved continuing education
  • At least 15 hours must be completed within 24 months of your renewal date.
  • You may also use up to 15 hours of unused continuing education completed within 48 months of your renewal date.
  • The hours must be started after the date of first licensure as a managing broker.

Seat time: The Washington DOL requires that all students participating in distance (online) learning spend a minimum amount of seat time engaged in the course content. Our online course delivery system manages this requirement for you.

The CE Shop is an approved school in Washington: Code/Approval Number: S1633

The CE Shop’s Offering: 30 hours

Reporting: The state does not have schools report CE hours.

Final Exams: Final exams must be passed with at least a 70% and may be taken as many times as necessary in order to pass.

Expiration date of course: Course expiration dates vary by course but are generally one year after order date. Each individual course will have an expiration date listed in your account.

Certificates: Immediately upon real estate course completion, The CE Shop will provide students with an electronic copy of the course Certificate of Completion. Certificates will remain in your account for a minimum of five years, should you need additional copies at a later time. Please refer to your renewal application to determine if you need to submit your Certificate(s) of Completion with your renewal. Course completion dates are recorded using Central Standard Time. Please note that the date on your Certificate of Completion will reflect this.

Please enter your individual license number correctly and fully when prompted in the registration process.

Taxes: Due to the tax law which mandates that online businesses must collect sales tax in certain states, if your state requires sales tax to be collected, it will automatically be added to the total amount due at checkout minus any donation made to The CE Shop Foundation. For questions, please contact The CE Shop at 1.888.827.0777 or Support@TheCEShop.com.

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