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“Freedom of being a Real Estate Agent”
At some point, whether right or wrong, the real estate profession came to be viewed as a leisure industry. A profession where you can go to work but still have time for that golf game in the middle of the afternoon, or be able to leave early in time for your child’s swim meet, coming and going as you please. For years and years the industry has been trying to live up to, and down to for that matter, the status of an “Independent Contractor”(IC). You are your own boss; however, this doesn’t mean you can do as you please, especially in the Real Estate industry.
So yes, essentially you are now an Independent Contractor (IC), but none the less, also an employee of the brokerage you choose. Even as an IC, your employer, just like any other job, will make demands and set deadlines. Standards will be set and if not met , you CAN be fired-just as you can from any other job.
The magic words in the real estate profession- “He who makes the gold, also makes the rules”. The more knowledge and experience you have of the industry, the more successful you become, the easier the demands from your broker may be. Your broker will want you to be wherever you feel you can be productive, and will work with you to get you to that point.
In time, you will come to understand that being a real estate professional is a 24/7 job. So being on that golf course in the middle of the day, or enjoying yourself in the stands of that swim meet, you’ll essentially be working and making contacts.
So, from a work standpoint, there’s a difference between being “independent” and being “free”. You are an Independent Contractor, but that does not mean you are free from guidance or performance.
Alex Comeau
Chief Administrator
Classic Real Estate School
Jacksonville, Clermont and Orlando
Source: “21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me” 2nd Addition- Frank Cook

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