“Classic Real Estate School is training the next generation of real estate professionals in ALL 50 states.”


Classic Real Estate School (CRES) and its CEO, C. MarLene McKinley, has been recognized as one of the best real estate instructors in the industry. As a premier education center for future real estate professionals, Classic Real Estate School promotes and supports both classroom and custom one on one  interactive (student and instructor) streamline learning programs, allowing you to select the best learning platform to fit your lifestyle and schedule.

If you are considering becoming a student at Classic Real Estate School you may be surprised to discover that our courses are more reasonably-priced than others–with what the extras offered and with the benefit of an instructor-led curriculum after you pass the course to help you prepare and pass the State Exam on the first attempt. We hold your hand until you pass the State Exam. Classic Real Estate School is committed to providing you with the most effective real estate classes  throughout the United States and best value for your tuition investment.

Classic Real Estate School, Florida, has a full-staff of instructors that are licensed teach our curriculum through the requirements established through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the Florida Real Estate Commission. All of our instructors have an extensive real estate related background and average over ten years of real estate education and training experience.

We feel that it’s important that all of our staff have actual career experience within the real estate industry, in order to better prepare you for your licensing examinations. Whether you’re considering getting your sales license, broker’s license, or are interested in post-licensing educational opportunities, you can be sure that your Classic Real Estate School instructor has the experience and credentials to deliver the information you need at the highest level.


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With over two decades of experience in real estate, C. MarLene McKinley is leading the path to train the next generation of real estate professionals at Classic Real Estate School in Orlando.

MarLene was originally licensed in California in the 1990s and then relocated to Florida where she got her real estate sales associate license in 2002. Then, in 2005 she earned her Florida real estate broker license and she currently holds the following active real estate licenses:

  • Real Estate Broker – Florida and Alabama
  • Real Estate School Instructor – Florida and Alabama

As owner and Director of Education for Classic Real Estate School, MarLene continues to lead students into their career with her experience as a real estate instructor and productivity coach in the Central Florida area.

C. MarLene McKinley, originally from the Gulf Coast of Alabama/Florida Panhandle, has been licensed in Real Estate since 1998. She has practiced in California, Alabama and Florida. Today she holds Broker and Real Estate Instructor licenses in Florida and Alabama and owns Classic Real Estate School. She has classroom locations in throughout Alabama and Florida; however, she services the world with her unique “Hybrid” courses. So, it doesn’t matter where you live, you can obtain all your Real Estate educational needs for Alabama and Florida through Classic Real Estate School.

Additionally, in the past she served as Administrative Project Manager with Toothman Construction Company for over a decade, adding further value to what was already and impressive list of career positions and accomplishments.

As a Licensed Real Estate Instructor both in Florida and Alabama, “MarLene” brings to the classroom with her the broad range of experiences that set her apart from other instructors in the field today. “MarLene” attributes her success in teaching to her ability to integrate those real-life experience into the course material that she is presenting. This fresh approach keeps her students more engaged and enables them to better understand the varied and sometimes challenging topics that they are presented in the classroom. Please visit Classic Real Estate’s Google Business Page for school reviews and actual testimonials.


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