Broker’s Pre-Licensing Class Starting Sept 6th!!!


(72 HOURS) 

(Only 20 hours classroom instruction which is optional)                                                                                                              Email for more information!

September 6th – 9th

Tuesday through Friday

6-10pm in our Dr. Philips location

A schedule that fits your needs.  Whether you are taking the course Classroom/Hybrid, Online or Distant, all courses can be coordinated with any schedule and delivery meets the requirements the of the State of Florida for Real Estate Education.  All courses are combined with an in classroom environment (live or previously recorded) which is optional, for added learning and retention.  Also included with the cost of the course is: Study Guide (both online and hard copy), Exam Prep textbook, in addition to the latest editions of the Course Textbook (paper, online or ebook) Instructional Math Videos, additional study related videos, Exam Prep Cram Class and much, much more.

All courses are combined with a presentation of the material that is covered on the state exam (information provided by DBPR/FREC).  ALL COURSES CAN BE TAKEN WITHOUT BEING IN A CLASSROOM SO I AM NOT LIMITED TO LOCATIONS

Most valuable is you receive the instructor’s personal cell phone number which  you can call or text 24/7* for additional assistance.   


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