DID YOU KNOW?: All Real Estate Schools and Instructors are NOT alike!!!  Will the school allow you to interview your instructor?  We do!!   Will the instructor speak with you after 
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“Freedom of being a Real Estate Agent” At some point, whether right or wrong, the real estate profession came to be viewed as a leisure industry. A profession where you 
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Buying A Home With Poor Credit Because most of us dream for a home to call our own. A safe haven we’ve built to shelter us in bad times. The 
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Many things can assist you in choosing the right brokerage to work with from the beginning.  Through my many years of practicing real estate in Florida, Alabama and California, I 
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BROKER’S PRE-LICENSING COURSE (72 HOURS)  (Only 20 hours classroom instruction which is optional)                                   
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The school is having FREE State Exam Prep on August 20th for all students preparing for the Sales Associate or Broker’s State exam. Time is 9-3pm . Lunch will be 
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Men and Women: What We’re Looking For In A Home. Buying a home as a couple is a big commitment, so choosing a home that both partners are excited about 
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What is a hybrid class? A hybrid class combines classroom learning with an online text book and is approved by DBPR. In this hybrid course, all material is completed in 
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Totally Free!!!  We provide lunch!!!  For more information, text 407 791-5604!!!  Seating is limited.
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CLASSES ARE LIMITED!!! This is a distant learning, classroom delivered, taking up a minimum amount of your business time.  Yes, it is only $10!!!!  For dates,  more information, and to 
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