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Elthon Rivot

9:55 AM
    I wanted to say thanks for the preparation, class and most importantly the instructor we had.  My journey in Real Estate could not had happen without the help of the school and instructor.  I have about 20 days to study for my State exam, and will tell you, all the material referenced in class is been reviewed. Again thank you for everything, and for the well put together course. If there is anything you can help me with in order to pass the State exam, please let me know, and I will do whatever it takes, even if it is sitting in the classroom as a silent listener. The more I hear about it, the more it will stick. I want to be successful in this business, and to be successful, I must look at every opportunity to learn and become a better sales agent.
Elthon Rivot
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6 Responses to “Classic Real Estate Reviews”

  • Francesca Baker / / Reply

    Thanks for the Real Estate Associate Prep course you offered. This was very helpful and I loved the keys points and views on how to remember key points. This made me more confident in my knowledge of real estate and more prepared for my test. 🙂

    Fran Baker

  • Sherry De Polo / / Reply

    After taking your Classic Real Estate Review I am more confident in my ability to pass the Florida Real Estate License. The information presented was very well organized, detailed and transparent.

    I will definitely be returning for continuing educational courses!

    Thank you!!

  • This exam was beneficial to me. It helped me refresh my memory on a lot of the real estate material.



  • Allen Watkins / / Reply

    This course was beneficial to me. It was a good refresher on all the real estate material.



  • Dee C / / Reply

    As with my Sales Associate exam, I took CRES’ prep course for my Broker’s exam. I never had a doubt that I would use CRES again because MarLene is the absolute best. It is just as she always says, when taking the test I hear her voice in my head saying things like 5 Tomatoes, MALE, and Dis the Seller. I just close my eyes and focus on her voice because, on the SA and this Broker’s exam, there was not one piece of vital information withheld. She made taking the Broker’s exam seem like child’s play. If you are truly trying to be ‘one and done’ she is the right instructor. I signed up in February but got busy with family stuff. I already paid, so she could have just let my time expire. Instead, she emailed me a few weeks ago and lit a fire under my feet. I immediately signed up for the test so that I would be forced to move forward. She sent me an invite to her GoTo prep course and I just listened to her and all the tips and mnemonics she provides. She then had me just continue to do practice from an enormous database of practice questions. I could not have been more prepared. I had 83 minutes left on my test. I felt good, so I hit submit. What a glorious feeling to see “Congratulations on passing” come on the screen. If there are better and more caring instructors in the business, I have not met them. I thank you for all your support and actually caring about my success. As you said “Momma got this.”

    • MarLene McKinley / / Reply

      Thank you so very much Dee for the review. It is my mission in life to make sure everyone gets the help they need to begin this career! I am always here for you! Once “Mama’s Child”, always Mama’s Child. Contact me anytime about anything from RE Questions to venting about a deal gone sour! I am here. XXXOOOXXX

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