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Sales Associate Pre-Licensing Course 
Continuing Education Sales Course 
Continuing Education Broker’s Course 
Continuing Education Property Management Course 
Math Prep Course (Sales Associate) 
Math Prep Course (Broker) 
State Exam Prep Course (Sales Associate) 
State Exam Prep Course (Broker) 

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Classic Real Estate School   (click for short video)

Live Classroom Instruction where you do not have to drive to a location or be on camera. Come in your jammies with your hair in a mess; no one will know. 😊

We hold your hand the entire  way though the course and continue to until you pass the state exam with personalized one on one tutoring. Which other schools do that???? None that I am aware of…..We are one of a kind.  🙂

The “real” studying begins…. AFTER you pass your end of course exam.  During this time, you will receive study banks of  questions and will be tutored, one on one by me, C. MarLene McKinley, until you pass the State Exam.

Instructor led course, created by C. MarLene McKinley, a predominant instructor with a proven successful record. MarLene contributes her students’ success rate to being well versed and experienced in “andragogy”, which is the art/science of teaching adults.

If during your studies, you run into any questions or need further explanation on a subject, you are to contact me immediately. You may email, text, or call in your questions 24 hours 7 days a week. I want you to contact me with the question immediately because if you wait until later, you may likely forget it and I do not want that.  I have everything set up so that it will not interrupt me if I am unavailable.  For the time and after you pass your state exam, I am your “bestie” in real estate, and I want you to feel comfortable in contacting me at any time.

Ancillary extras CRES provides to you with all the information that is required to be retained-learned.

  • Live Classroom Instruction without limitations.
  • Video Recording of the classroom instruction available 24/7 to review without limitation.
  • You always have the same instructor. *
  • Available for questions 24/7*
  • Question Bank for reviewing material available 24/7 to aid in your studies.
  • Personal individual tutoring preparing you for the final and state exam. Available evenings and weekends as well.

Below are the registration links. 

Please email me your information, name, address, cell and email the way you wish to be registered.  It should match the information that you register with the Real Estate Commission.


Zelle (Classic Real Estate School)

Venmo.com (4077915604)

Cash App ($ChastityMcKinley)


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