How do I choose a real estate brokerage?

Many things can assist you in choosing the right brokerage to work with from the beginning.  Through my many years of practicing real estate in Florida, Alabama and California, I have learned not all brokerages are the same.  There are many ways to disguise additional costs to you while all the time making you feel you as thought you are earning a great percentage; when in reality, when all is said and done that 80% split may really only add up to you as the agent retaining much less!

The best thing to do is to interview with several brokerages at a minimum.  The more, the better.  There are three main types of brokerages; the 100% companies (ask yourself-how can they do that?), the traditional brokerages, and then there are those who think outside the box.  If you can attend career nights that brokerages host in order to attract agents, that is a great way to learn about them and hear other questions that you may not have thought of…. There are NO stupid questions!!!  ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS!  This is your business. You are investing a great deal of time and money in your new career. And remember you are interviewing the brokerage more so than they are interviewing you! Don’t make a costly mistake by choosing the wrong one at first just because of smoke, mirrors, bells and whistles and the amount of commission split!

There is an event coming up on August 23rd at 6pm in Clermont, Florida.  This event is hosted by Keller Williams called “The Good, Bad & The Ugly of Real Estate.  At this event, you are given the “TRUTH”  about the good and bad in real estate.  Please realize there can be a lot of information left out when speaking with brokerages who want to “recruit” you.

And yes, the folks at KW would love to sit down and speak with you about joining the organization, however; they do not hire everyone.  Please be weary of those brokerages who do.  So take the time today to mark your calendars for August 23rd at 6pm to join us when we strip away the confusion and get down to the basics of joining a brokerage and what to expect.

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Miami - New Agents July 2013

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