How to Supply Your Real Estate Brokerage with More Agents!

Grow Your Real Estate Brokerage

If you are interested in adding agents to your Brokerage, Classic Real Estate School can assist you.

My name is C. MarLene McKinley and I have now activated a “Who’s Hiring?” icon on the homepage of our website, in order to assist students in choosing a brokerage.

ClassicRealEstateSchool.com serves Alabama and Florida Real Estate Educational needs in all throughout the US and abroad.

  • I can include your company on the “Who’s Hiring Page” complete with link to a page designed especially for your brokerage with a contact link to the person who handles your recruiting.
  • What I ask in return is for you to add a link on your website, careers page (if applicable), linking to the school.

To assist in getting the students through your door and making first contact, with your permission, I can add a (virtual) CRES satellite location which will bring you walk ins asking about the school.  We can also add your phone number as the contact number so that the first call goes to you and all you do is direct them to the school. Again, this will afford you one the first opportunities to interact “with the agents to be”.  This has been a proven fantastic recruiting method in Central Florida.

To check us out, Google: Classic Real Estate School, and see our reviews in Alabama and in Florida.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns at:

(251) 260-8400 (AL)

(407) 791-5604 (FL)



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