Ohio Sales Associate Post Licensing Course

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Instructor led course, one on one with, C. MarLene McKinley, a predominant instructor with a proven successful record. MarLene contributes her students’ success rate to being well versed and experienced in “andragogy”, which is the art/science of teaching adults.

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Ohio Sales Associate Post Licensing course

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Note:  If your initial salesperson license was issued PRIOR to April 6th, 2017, you must complete your post-licensing education in the classroom with another approved provider.  

Please check the courses in your package to ensure you are not repeating courses in the same licensing cycle.

Your course is required for all Ohio licensees; it covers current laws, steps to succeed in business, and fiduciary duties.

This course provides a foundation for the legal and ethical obligations of real estate licensees. Topics include basic business practice, fair housing, agency, fiduciary duties, property management basics, commercial real estate basics, the basics of short sales, foreclosures, land contracts and wholesaling in Ohio, and avoiding the unlicensed practice of law.

Course highlights:

  • Broker responsibilities
  • Advertising regulations
  • Real estate cycles
  • Civil rights, fair housing, and cultural diversity
  • Agency formation and disclosure
  • Duties when acting as a buyer’s and seller’s agent
  • Appropriate earnest money handling
  • Federal and state programs for buyers
  • Foreclosures and short sales
  • Land contracts, commercial real estate, and property management

Instruction by: C. MarLene McKinley

Online materials provided by Classic Real Estate School in partnership with The CE Shop

Ohio Requirement Details for Real Estate Salesperson Post-Licensing Education

Post-Licensing Requirements: 20 hours within the first year of initial licensure

If you hold a Salesperson’s license and this is your first renewal since original licensure, you are required to complete a 20-hour post-licensing course. This course must be completed within your first year of licensure by the anniversary date of license issuance.

Please Note: No more than 8 hours of post-licensing courses can be taken in any one calendar day.

We’re Offering: 20 post-licensing course hours

Please Note: No more than 8 hours of post-licensing courses can be taken in any one calendar day.

Final Exams: Final exams must be passed with at least a 70% and may be taken as many times as necessary in order to pass. 

Reporting: Real estate course completions are reported to the Ohio Department of Commerce. The state requires schools to report course completions within 7 to 10 days from the course completion date. Course completions will be reported and posted within this time frame. In addition to completions being reported by The CE Shop, licensees are required to submit copies of their certificates with their renewal forms to the state. Forms and certificates sent into the state must be postmarked no later than midnight of your birthday/renewal date. 

Expiration Date of the Course: Course expiration dates vary by course but are generally one year after order date.  Each course has an individual expiration date which is listed in your account.

Certificates: Upon completion of the course, The CE Shop will provide students with an electronic Certificate of Completion. Certificates will remain in your account for a minimum of five years, should you need additional copies. Please refer to your license renewal application to determine if you need to submit your Certificate of Completion with your license renewal request. Course completion dates are recorded using Central Standard Time. Please note that the date of your Certificate of Completion will reflect this.

Please note: proof of completion of all education requirements (a copy of the course completion certificate), is required to be submitted with the salesperson examination and/or renewal applications

Additional Licensing Information:

License requirements can be found here.  The process to renew in this state is to log in to the licensing system online and follow the prompts to renew.  

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