Preferred Employing Brokerages

The first step in choosing the right brokerage is understanding the pros and cons of the four types of real estate brokerages: franchise brokerages, boutique brokerages, 100%, and virtual brokerages.   ~The Difference~

I will not personally recommend any one brokerage or business model over another.  The purpose of this page is to arm the student with pertaint information, so that when interviewing, the student is equipt with the knowledge, power and ability to make an informed right decision that is best for them personally.

While the list is limited, it simply delinates that I have talked and interacted with these folks and have a professional relationship with them and not to imply that any one brokerage is than another.  Please do not limit yourselves to the brokerages on this list.  Get out there talk to everybody and make the right decision the first time.