Real Estate Schools are NOT alike!!!

DID YOU KNOW?: All Real Estate Schools and Instructors are NOT alike!!!  Will the school allow you to interview your instructor?  We do!!  

Will the instructor speak with you after class?  Do you have their personal cell phone and are you welcomed to call or text ANYTIME????  Our instructors do!

Other things to consider

What does the class include?

When the class is over, will you be prepared to the State Exam as well as the End of Course Exam?

Do they offer for no charge an Interactive Online Exam prep and State Exam Prep Book or is it disguised in the total fee?

Do they offer a true Free State Exam Prep or is the cost disguised in the total fee?

Will they let you attend more than one Exam Prep Class for no charge if you felt you needed to run through it again?

Do they invite you back free of charge if you want to run through the class again to prep for the State Exam?

Do they give you a large discount on your Post Licensing classes for attending the Pre Licensing with them?

Contact me for other questions you may want to ask when interviewing a school and instructor

Just a few things to compare and ponder….

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