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Classic Real Estate School – Salesperson Pre-Licensing – Accelerated Course

The “Accelerated” delivery is taught the same as the “Traditional” delivery, utilizing an online course as an information resource rather than a textbook, though textbooks are” available for purchase. Absences in the “Accelerated” delivery do not count against the student, as there are no amount of classroom hours required and the final exam is scheduled by the student at a date of their choosing. Course attendance/completion is documented through the online course not hours of classroom attendance.

What’s Included?

  • Audio & Video Recording of Class Lectures
  • Audio & Video Recording of Math
  • Interactive Online Study Guide
  • Unlimited Instructor Assistance
  • Additional Study Aids
  • State Exam Prep Class Review
  • E-Text Included (Online Course)
  • Power Point Presentation on “How to get the Most From this Course” is provided

How to Excel Using this Course Delivery Method

(Complete Each Chapter Completely Before Proceeding to the Next) 

Class Lectures

Once you have successfully enrolled in this course, I will personally call you to introduce myself and make sure you understand how you’re are expected to continue.  For each chapter in the online course, there is a class lecture video that should be viewed with great concentration, no distractions and any questions about the material that is confusing or that you do not understand, simply text the questions to 407 791-5604.  Answers will be provided immediately most times, but within 2 hours during normal business hours. Once you have completed this task, move onto the online course.

Online Course

Open the chapter in the online course that you have just completed listening to the class lecture.

Throughout the chapters you will come across exercises that must be completed successfully before being allowed to continue.  You are able to review any questions that you answered incorrectly through the online course for an explanation.

At the end of each chapter there is an exam that must be completed successfully before continuing on to the next chapter in the course.  Once you have totally completed the chapter, you will then proceed to Quizlet.com.


In your welcome email, you will receive a link to a Google Drive and Quizlet.com.  Use the link to open up Quizlet.com on your computer.  There is a phone app for this program, and it is great source but is a bit limited compared to your computer.

Each chapter has a Quizlet flash card set that corresponds with the chapter and material. There are a plethora of ways to study using this platform, however, flashcards are the most popular.

This part of the course can be done at any time.  You may choose to complete the entire portion prior to the 1-week cram, during the 1-week cram or even afterwards.  It is the student’s choice.  It does not change anything about the course which time frame you choose complete the online portion.

Additional Study Aids

You will be sent a welcome email once you sign up for the online course.

The welcome email will contain links to ancillary study aids and Quizlet.  USE THESE STUDY AIDS!  My goal as your instructor is “One and Done” (Referring to the State Exam).  YES, THE STATE EXAM!!!

I, as your instructor, am always available before, during, and after course ends. You may text me 24/7. I will respond as soon as I see the text.  During normal business hours, I practically respond immediately and after hours it depends on the time that I first see the text. (I do eat, sleep, shower, etc. 😊) If I haven’t responded to you within 2-6 hours (depending on time of day), please feel free to rattle my chains and text me again.


C. MarLene McKinley

Classic Real Estate School

Lead Instructor

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