What do men want in a home? What do women want in a home?

Men and Women: What We’re Looking For In A Home.
Buying a home as a couple is a big commitment, so choosing a home that both partners are excited about is something that’s very important. It’s fair to say that certain priorities tend to be divided along gender identity lines. As much as we like to say men and women aren’t too much different, their priorities and interests, when it comes to home buying, can vary. What do women want most in a home? What would men prefer? Where do the differences lie?
GREAT KITCHENS – As it turns out, everyone loves a great kitchen. After all, it’s the social center of any home. Women tend to be drawn to a spacious and well lit open floor plan. Planned and organized, women like to have their space to work and get their creative juices flowing!
Men on the other hand, are more concerned with the gadgetry. High end dishwashers, an extra large industrial refrigerator, a nice stainless steel stove. Men tend to be more showy and look for all the extra bells and whistles, which is an added plus for us women as well!
PERSONAL SPACE – The bedroom is more than just a place for sleep and romance, but rather a type of sanctuary for us women. A bright and spacious layout, a walk-in closet (the deeper the better), and a master bath with a deep jetted tub. The bedroom is a place we can go to calm our minds, a place to relax and redirect.
Men aren’t so concerned with the size of their bedrooms, it’s just a place to sleep. That doesn’t mean that men don’t value their private space, they would just prefer a place to relax and get loud. A garage converted man cave, or even a down stairs game room. Men like their private space as well, just prefer it in a place where they be who they want to be and let themselves go.
SITUS – Location, location, location. The “situs” if you please, is one of the biggest differences in what women and men look for when they’re buying a home. Women are more comfortable in a quiet neighborhood with friendly neighbors to socialize with. Women are social creatures by nature, and tend to like locations closer with similar demographics ( young families or kids, retirees, etc.) We would prefer to be closer to friends and family, and typically don’t mind a longer drive to work.
PRIVACY MATTERS –  Most women prefer a nicely landscaped yard, some private land to do as they please. Whether it’s planting a garden or flowers, enjoying some relaxing time in the pool, or simply enjoying the atmosphere, a private yard is most definitely desired. The back yard can be a beautiful common area for socializing, for both men and women.
Men prefer outside space in general. A shaded platform for their grill, a fire pit for men’s night, even a shed to hold all their tools and equipment.
As you can see, there are many differences between genders when it comes to home buying. It is important to consider these differences to make your home buying experience as easy and painless as possible.
Alex Comeau
Clermont, Florida
Sources: Orlando Sentinal, June 2016 ; Guided-selling.org ; Realtor Magazine

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