Why and How Downsizing Could Work for You as a Senior

Why and How Downsizing Could Work for You as a Senior

Many of us want to age in place and stay in our family homes for as long as possible. However, Classic Real Estate School knows downsizing has benefits that may improve your quality of life. If you’ve been thinking of scaling back, here are some things to consider.

Why Downsize?

As we grow older, we may find that bigger homes no longer improve our quality of life. You may start to notice that they become less accessible, especially if they have more than one story. A smaller space can mean it’s easier to keep everything organized and clean, which helps keep stress at bay. Your bank account will also thank you, as it costs less to heat and cool a smaller home compared to larger ones.

Declutter to Make Things Easy

Once you’ve made the decision to downsize, consider decluttering to prepare for it. After all, clutter is notorious for causing stress, but it also makes packing and moving difficult. As you let go of items you no longer want or need, you may notice your energy improve, so sit down and sketch out a plan of action. If decluttering still feels intimidating, break it down into smaller steps to make the process less overwhelming. For example, you could start by spending just 20 minutes each day going through a single room to really decide what you want to hold onto before moving on to another space.

Find Your Perfect Home

Of course, you have different needs to consider compared to 20 years ago. While some features you’ll want are easy to install, like switching out round doorknobs for lever-style handles, others are more expensive, such as adding non-skid flooring, so make these considerations when you’re looking at properties. Beyond the home itself, think about what you want from your surrounding area, like an easy route to your doctor’s office or access to public transportation. Before you view a property, make a list of your wants and needs to avoid falling in love with a place that isn’t up to snuff.

Potential Remodel Expenses

If you find a home that you adore, but it isn’t perfect, don’t worry. Often, a smaller property is less expensive than a larger one, and that could allow room in your budget to make some renovations. With that in mind, take remodeling costs into account as you house hunt. Usually, you’ll need the most work done in the kitchen and bathroom. Although some additions, like installing grab bars, can be done DIY, a contractor will be needed for any major projects.

A Senior Living Facility

Sometimes, the best solution for ourselves or our loved ones is to move in to an assisted living facility or an independent living community. These options are quite different from one another, and one may be better for a particular lifestyle than the other. For instance, independent living communities offer access to housing, common social areas, and amenities designed to make your life easier and safer. In comparison, assisted living offers up additional support for everyday activities, from taking medication to doing laundry to keeping up with personal hygiene.

Covering the costs of a senior facility can be a daunting prospect, but you do have options. Get familiar with what’s available to you, like long-term care insurance, veterans benefits, and self-funding.

Make Moving a Smooth Process

No move will be easy without preparation and support. Given this, consider hiring movers to keep your stress low and your belongings safe. The night before the big day, pack an overnight bag with everyday necessities like a toothbrush, pajamas, and a phone charger.

Living in a smaller space can be a blessing. The quality of your life is what’s important, not how many bedrooms your house boasts. Think carefully about whether downsizing is the right move for you so you can make the most of your golden years.

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