Why You Should Invest In Real Estate Right Now?

Renting sucks. You’re just throwing money away and your landlord probably doesn’t care as long as you pay the rent. That’s why, right now is a great time to invest in real estate; we’re at the bottom of the market and low interest rates make it cheap to borrow – this combination makes it possible for regular people like you and me to get into real estate investment.

Real Estate is a proven way to build wealth; people have been doing it for years. And the best part about investing in real estate today is that technology has made it easy for anyone to invest small amounts of money with the click of a mouse, so you don’t have to be rich or work with a shady investor to get into real estate. You can contact real estate agency to make this task easy. Yes, I know it’s scary to risk your money, you have bills to pay, kids are expensive and there are no guarantees in real estate – but the good news is you could start earning passive income right away if you take action today.

·       It is a Tangible Asset:

Real Estate is the most tangible asset you could invest in. It’s something they can’t print more of – it doesn’t exist in an unlimited supply which means your property value will only go up with time, unlike stocks.

·       Real Estate is the Most Flexible Investment:

Buy an apartment building and get paid monthly by renters; buy a single family home and rent it out yourself – you can even opt to be a real estate investor/landlord and buy multiple properties. Whatever you choose, your investment will pay you monthly or yearly, which means that even if the stock market tanks tomorrow your rental income won’t stop coming in!

·      Real estate appreciates in value:

Do you know why the rich get richer? Because they invest in real estate and other tangible assets that appreciate over time. In fact, someone who invested $100k from 1970 to 2010 would have earned a total return of 4 million! That’s how powerful real estate is.

·       You build equity in your real estate investments.

Equity is the money you have in your home that isn’t a debt. The more equity you build, the more your property is worth and less likely it is that you’ll default on your payments.

·       The real estate market provides building blocks of wealth:

It’s just like playing with Legos! Every time you add new properties to your portfolio, you get a new passive income stream and more money to play with. Open up any financial magazine and you’ll see articles about wealthy people who made their fortune in real estate, plus articles about average joes like you and me who did the same thing.

·      Real estate offers better returns than the stock market:

Sure, real estate doesn’t bring the same kind of instant gratification as stocks do – but your money in an investment account is currently earning next to nothing and you can forget about that fat dividend check if you own a mutual fund.

·       Real estate gives you cash flow:

A house payment once made will continue to give you income; however, you can kiss that dividend check goodbye after you cash it in.

·       Real estate appeals to all kinds of investors:

Whether you’re rich or poor, conservative or risk-taker – real estate has something for everyone because there are so many investment options. And let’s face it, investing in stocks isn’t the same high as being your own boss.

People like Donald Trump and Warren Buffett earn high returns by investing in real estate — why shouldn’t you? It’s easy to get started, it’s stable and it offers better returns than anything else out there today. So why not start building your investment portfolio right now with an investment that appreciates over time, gives you tax breaks and builds equity and cash flow.

·       You can take advantage of inflation hedging:

You can control how much money you make. If you buy an apartment building, for example, it could bring in $1,000 a month forever while inflation eats away at your money. But if the rent stays the same over time but inflation doubles it – you’ll still get that extra income to play with.

·       Real estate is easier to manage:

If you want to make an investment in real estate and live off your passive income, it takes less time than having a full-time job. All you have to do is set up the property and hire a management company – they’ll handle everything from advertising to tenant screening, collecting rent and even hiring contractors.

·       You can purchase real estate with little cash:

Too many people think that they need a lot of cash to make money in real estate, but you can actually purchase properties with little money down. There are numerous loan programs out there for first-time buyers, including the 203k loan that allows you to finance your home renovations into your mortgage.

The tax benefits are incredible! You can deduct your mortgage interest, depreciation and property taxes — plus you can earn tax-free income by renting out your properties to qualified tenants.


So now is the perfect time to invest.  Real estate is a safe and profitable investment that builds long-term wealth. If you’re not making money in real estate, you don’t know what you’re doing!

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